Kickstart Smart Cities


This Kickstart in Smart Cities provides you with in-depth knowledge on what Smart Cities are.

You will learn more about the different definitions of a Smart City and what it can do, how one can approach the Smart City concept, which technologies are used in a Smart City, and what the best practices are by going through real-life examples of cities from all over the world (bigger and smaller cities). Finally, you will learn concrete steps on how you can approach the Smart City concept and apply it to your own area of expertise.

All based on our daily experience with customers, international cities.


Course Content

The kickstart consists out of six modules:

  1. Trends & Challenges in Cities, Technology and Society

  2. What are Smart Cities?

  3. Smart City Strategies

  4. Smart City Technology

  5. Best Practices & Lessons Learned

  6. How to become a Smart City?

There is also a Dutch version available of this kickstart! / Een Nederlandse versie van deze kickstart is ook beschikbaar!


All supported with Smart City solutions in the market: successful practical examples from cities from all over the world


Your Instructors


Founder of Next Generation City: a Knowledge Platform and Community on Smart City Strategy and Smart Cities, connecting theory and practice, recent research and projects from all over the world.

Tijn Kuyper is an entrepreneur and Smart City enthusiast. While living in Barcelona, he became inspired by the way the city embraced the Smart City concept. In collaboration with the developers of the Spanish Internet-of-Things platform Sentilo, he created new business models to expand and strengthen the positioning of the platform.