Kickstart Internet of Things

2 hours online IoT boost


The outcome of the Kickstart Internet of Things (IoT) is an high level overview of IoT; what is IoT? which techniques? Inspiring examples and lessons learned. The Kickstart is not technical but gives a good overall picture and of the underlying processes. After following this kickstart you can discuss new business models for your own organization.

All based on our daily experience with customers, international A-brands.


Course Content

  1. Introduction

  2. Trends & Digitalisation

  3. What is The Internet of Things?

  4. IoT chain overview

    • Sensoring

    • Networks

    • Platform

    • Applications

  5. IoT Security

  6. Value Creation with the Internet of Things

    • Efficiency

    • New business models

  7. How to start with IoT projects

  8. Closure


All supported with IoT-based solutions in the market: successful practical examples from various industries.


Your Instructors

Gerard van der Hoeven

Recognised thought leader and serial-entrepreneur.

Co-Founder of DigiMaster

Marco Heida

Recognised author and speaker on IoT

Co-Founder of DigiMaster