Tijn Kuyper

Founder of Next Generation City: a Knowledge Platform and Community on Smart City Strategy and Smart Cities, connecting theory and practice, recent research and projects from all over the world.

Tijn Kuyper is an entrepreneur and Smart City enthusiast. While living in Barcelona, he became inspired by the way the city embraced the Smart City concept. In collaboration with the developers of the Spanish Internet-of-Things platform Sentilo, he created new business models to expand and strengthen the positioning of the platform.

With his experience in Smart City and Smart City Strategy, Tijn has worked as Product Owner on several projects for the City of Amsterdam and the Dutch Railways. In addition, in collaboration with several mobility providers in the Netherlands, Tijn has worked as consultant to further develop and implement the Mobility-as-a-Service concept in numerous new products and services.

Tijn holds a MSc degree in IT & Strategic Management from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Barcelona School of Management, and a MSc in Business Administration (International Management) from the Radboud University in the Netherlands.You can find out more about Tijn here:

- Next Generation City (https://www.nextgeneration.city)
- tijnkuyper.nl(https://www.tijnkuyper.nl)
- LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tijnkuyper)